Dablang Buffalo Magical Love Oil (5ML – Bottle)


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Dablang Buffalo Magical Oil

This is magical oil taken from the sacred
Dablang buffalo of East Java. These Dablang buffalos look abnormal because they
have horns growing in the opposite direction to those of normal buffalos. But
they possess a strong magnetic presence and powerful energies. The Javanese
people therefore regard them as highly sacred. Even the simple presence of a
Dablang buffalo exerts a strong magnetic force.


Shamans extract the oil and use it very effectively for their magical rituals.
The Dablang oil has strong energies that provide personal protection against
psychic attacks, spells directed against you, negative entities and black magic.

The magnetic
force of the oil increases your personal magnetism. It also enhances charisma
and a sense of authority. People cannot take their eyes off you. Employ the oil
for business purposes, influencing others, socializing, attending dinner events,

This is a
real collector’s item. The oil is hard to acquire. Not every shaman has the
knowledge or the resources to collect it. Our stock is limited. We cannot
guarantee we will have more when we run out.


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