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Dewa Daru Power of the 7 Spiritual Masters (Higher Class -Upgraded Version)



Dewa Daru Power of the 7 Spiritual Masters Upgrade

Higher Class Version With 2 Spiritual Entities.

An Amulet of Charisma, the Dewa Daru Power of the 7 Spiritual Masters Upgrade is not recommended for the novice!!

The Dewa Daru upgrade has 1 Jinn Spirit and 1 Fairy Spirit attached to the stone. The names of both spirits are shown in this upgraded version. 

This item no longer comes in a form of a Ring. The item is only produced by the adept as a pendant. Please do not request for a ring as it can not be done.

This item is Pre-Order Only! Waiting Time 14 Days.

High Class Item

This uniquely powerful amulet of charisma is considered one of the highest classed items we offer within our catalogue. It is highly recommended for government leaders, politicians, OTHER high-ranked leaders, businessmen and businesswomen alike. In terms of its powers and magical attributes, it cannot be compared to anything we have sold before.

Dewa Daru Power Amulet of Charisma is Simple to Use

The Dewa Daru Power of the 7 Spiritual Masters – Upgraded Version has been greatly simplified for the end user so that anyone can successfully harness the great spiritual power it possesses without having the need to undergo enduring fasts, complicated rituals, and lengthy recitations.

These sorts of powers normally take years to obtain through a series of initiations if one was to develop themselves to reach a master standard level. Simply by wearing this ring you can possess these high-level magical and spiritual powers without the need to undergo any such initiation or development.

Important Note

This talismanic item is the best of its kind and in a league of its own when compared to empowerments and talismans in our catalogue. Other empowerments and talismans only provide a few of the magical powers in comparison to the great qualities provided by this stone. To attain the same level of virtues provided by this powerful amulet of charisma, the user would have to undergo several empowerments and use several talismans.

Simple to Use

This amulet of charisma is very simple to use and is programmed by several adepts to work on the end user in its simplest form, without rituals and intensive chanting. Now developed into a discreet, small and convenient stone which can be set into a ring, this highly sought amulet of charisma can be worn and taken with the user wherever they go. This power stone is one of the greatest spiritual masterpieces ever made.

This Amulet of Charisma is a Powerful Aid in Your Magical and Spiritual Endeavors

The magical power of the Wahyu Dewa Daru is an ultimate spiritual item, which will aid you in all your magical and spiritual endeavours, be them specific career and financial goals to protection for you and blessings for all aspects of your life. These virtues are similar to those such as a Keris (Ancient pusaka item); such sacred items were often kept only by the Royal family of Indonesia (Keraton).

The Powers of this Amulet Can Bring Great Benefits

The powers will affect the user in many different ways, solve financial problems, and possess a charismatic presence, generate wealth attraction, attraction power, dignity and advancement in career. This amulet of charisma is created to be as powerful as a Keris or sacred item which used to be created in the Ancient Ages. Simply wear this ring or carry it around with you and you will be granted a wealth of powers which will greatly impact your life in positive manner.

Rituals Involved In The Creation Of This Amulet of Charisma

The adepts who have joined forces and experience have all created this amulet of charisma through very sacred and long rituals which involve intensive chanting, difficult fasting, to generate and channel one of the best spiritual powers; a sacred power from the angelic realm into this stone. This power cannot be inherited by any shaman or spiritualist; it is only attained through several key spiritual masters, based in Indonesia, who have been specifically chosen by higher cosmic beings to transfer such power. This power is now transferred into the Mustika Wahyu Dewa Daru allowing a person with little or no ability to experience the true magical miracles of such immense and positive forces.

Some of the Vast Magical Powers of the Dewa Daru Upgrade


• Prajat Magical Power: A specialised power which helps attain high position in career and dignity
• Rajah Wahyu Agung Magical Power: A power which attracts and secures positions in career and office ranking; never lose your position against competitors. Always climb higher and advance in any field you undertake
• Secret Hizib Magical Power: Power to attract mass public individuals and hold an authoritative presence. Gain sympathy from others easily and influence them towards your cause. This is especially suitable for those in politics, business, government administrations and military ranks.
• Mahkota Raja ‘Crown of King’ Power: The secret magical power for leadership and control. Easily make people do your bidding and control people on a greater scale. You will possess the ability to direct people around you.
• Payung Agung ‘Great Umbrella’ Protection Power: Highest level of protection from God; protection from all sorts of dangers and negative elements. This shields you from bankruptcy, failure and missing a position in your career due to unwanted or unexpected problems.
• Fatah or Fathul Malik Magical Power: Combination of secret high-level magical powers that will manifest on its own accord, the user will experience this in their own ways.
• Pamungkas Prayer Ultimate Power: Combination of secret high-level prayers of Saints and Aulia, to gain spiritual assistance from higher cosmic forces.
• Secret High-Level Ilmu Al-Hikmah Power: Angelic Jal’Jalut Power; Naddhon Power; Asma Raje; Asma of the Saints/Walis. You will develop numerous magical and spiritual powers to assist you in your life and personal development. These spiritual powers draw its energies from the spiritual realms and are of the highest class of powers one can receive.


The core of all these powers and more have been carefully crafted and channelled into the Mustika Wahyu Dewa Daru.

Magical Virtues of this Powerful Amulet of Charisma

This amulet of charisma has the following magical virtues.

• High-level respect, dignity and career position, easily become a leader in your society and community
• Open a path to a higher position as you climb on your career and development
• High-level respect and authoritative presence everywhere you go
• Boosts the positive potential for one’s luck and career achievements
• Opens a great door to the success in career, workplace and political developments
• Neutralise all the negative aspects and thought forms that come from within yourself or external factors directed by competitors
• Get glory of your position and security of your position from all kind of scandals or black magic attacks that are directed to harm your success
• Due to the absolute power that this amulet of charisma brings, you can possess the greatest charismatic aura, you will become the figure everyone will respect and obey
• Be respected everywhere and everyone will be sympathetic towards you
• Super Protective Shield from all kinds of mischievous attacks that is directed to you
• Ability to solve urgent problems and serious matters with a very brilliant solution you could not have thought of before
• With this highly powerful amulet of charisma, you can attract great sympathy from all types and statuses in society, even people that have never seen you personally, just by hearing you from the news or seeing your photo will be attracted to you instantly. People will seek the positive achievements of your objectives instead of looking at you negatively
• Positive forces will tend to your goals, all your campaigns, speech and political movements will always go your way, thus giving you the upper advantage of becoming the most powerful political facility to get people’s interest and support
• The magical powers of this amulet of charisma will only work for those who are really willing to work hard and effectively. Those who feel strongly about their society, with the intention to be honest and beneficial when representing their people
• By keeping this amulet of charisma, it is as if you are bringing many sacred ancient weapons and hidden powerful forces that give you all the charisma, positive effects and great power over those who oppose you
• Those who are businessman or employees will have a great boost in their career
• Expand your network, better relations between leaders and connections to all directions to help you attain greater opportunities in the future
• This amulet of charisma will help you possess a super bright and radiant aura, which will develop from within you. If people assume you are not so brilliant, your aura will astonish them and they will be drawn to you and your super bright & powerful aura.



All items come with an Item Instruction Paper. These will be sent to you after you have confirmed receipt of your package. The Instruction Paper will advise you how to use and care for your item.Contact us to let us know you have received your package to obtain this item’s Instruction Paper.

Items may vary in size, colour and appearance from the image shown; however its purpose will remain the same as that described above.

Pictures are illustrations purpose only, actual media differs from batch to batch

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