Dewa Langit – Magickal Artifact—SOLD


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(God of Sky)




Free empowered oil is provided with this magickal Statue.


Magickal Artifact Dewa Langit “ God of Sky/Wind” is a magickal ancient statue which has naturally accumulated power over time. This particular statue has a high class Khodamic Spirit which will automatically assist the user. No mantra or rituals are required. Simply install this powerful object in your home, business premises or meditation room.




Magickal Virtues:


Improves Love Life, Relationship and Domestic Harmony


Increases Social Circle/Friendship


Attracts Luck & Prosperity


Improves Trade/Business & Livelihood


Assist in Magickal & Spiritual Development/Practices


Empowers Mantra & Prayers


Wards of Negative Humans, Aggressors, Thieves & Criminals


Magickal Protection of the home: Wards of Negative Demons, Black Magic, Witchcraft, Spells Etc.


Divine Assistance,


Contains a Khodamic Spirit


No Ritual or Mantra to recite simply installs this in your home or meditation room or even your business premises.


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