Dewi Padi Magickal Statue Type 2


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Dewi Padi




Magickal statue contains magickal forces that have accumulated over time. This item does contain a khodamic spirit. It works on its own accord and the user is required to anoint the items once a month with aromatic. No mantra or rituals to conduct. The khodam does not come with a name either this is an easy item to use and own.


This magickal Statue contains and emits immense powers:



–          Prosperity & Wealth

–          Wealth and income attraction, you’ll attract wealth from all points of the compass

–          Attract Blessing & Spiritual Divine Assitance

–          Improves Fertility

–          Success in life and any endeavour you undertake.

–          Peace and tranquillity in life

–          Protected and avoided from all forms of physical dangers, accidents, natural disaster and crimes

–          Avoided from all forms of metaphysical attacks, demonics spirits, evil spirits, magical spells, etc

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