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Dewi Rembulan Genie Pair!—SOLD


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Dewi Rembulan Genie Pair!

Item has 2 magickal Spirits.

The spirits residing inside this small statue will work together to resolve all issues and difficulties of your life. These spirits resolve the most resolute of issues like finances and relationships. If you are having any trouble in catching others’ eyes, being likeable or attracting their attention in any way then this talisman is all you want. The powers of the resident spirits are known to benefit you in both, direct and indirect ways. It will assist you in the most pressing needs and requirements of your life and also work continuously to smoothen your path to success in its own way.

The statue contains an extremely dominant and powerful spirit known as the female Jinn khodam spirit from Mount Lawu volcano of East-Central Java. This mighty spirit is known for possessing celestial and cosmic energies that are especially effective on matters concerning wealth and finance. It is believed to belong to the ancient kingdoms era of Java and thus should be around hundreds of years old. The adepts and other masters of this khodamic spirit claim that it appears in the physical form of a beautiful woman.

Its virtues and powers have been an integral part of the ancient and long running folklore for years now. Such is its effect on important day to day life matters that local occultists are long known for seeking its assistance; making pilgrimage to its native area. Many successful people today in Java attribute their success to such powerful metaphysical energies residing in that area. However, you are extremely lucky and fortunate for finding such an effective and powerful spirit at your disposal due to this magickal talisman.

Some of the virtues of this miniature statue (Dewi Rembulan Genie Pair) are:
– Resolves all problems and issues of your life.
– Attracts wealth and brings prosperity and abundance.
– Helps in generating regularly increasing profits and expanding your business reach.
– Provides balance and inertia to your business for it to stay afloat and rising.
– Assist all your business endeavors and brings success in each feat.
– Attracts love, care and respect from everyone around you.
– Helps you create and maintain new relations; people feel much more comfortable around you and feel confident in you.
– Helps in finding your soul-mate, future spouse or partner. Also helps to maintain and prospers your current relationship.
– Emits a more positive aura, making your presence feel more charming and adorable.

It is a very simple to use item that only requires a simple ritual to be performed. The recital and the process given below are essential for you to benefit from the virtues of the energies contained inside this statue.

Note: All items come with an Item Instruction Paper. These will be sent to you after you have confirmed receipt of your package. The Instruction Paper will advise you how to use and care for your item.Contact us to let us know you have received your package to obtain this item’s Instruction Paper.

Note: Items may vary in size, colour and appearance from the image shown; however its purpose will remain the same as that described above.

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