Divine Blessings Stone


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Divine Blessings Stone

This stone as the name signifies clearly is a powerful talisman that eliminates all bad luck or misfortunes from one’s life. If you ever feel unlucky, struggling hard but still failing, underachieving, underappreciated then this extremely potent talisman of divine blessings is a must have!

It is also empowered with healing abilities that can cure all medical illnesses and other rare afflictions. Furthermore, it also shields against any and all effect of dark magic spells, hexes and evil spirits. This stone contains the holy and mystical powers of “Asmaul Husna“, “Hizib Jaelani“, and “Al-Wakiya’s verse“. Being the master, you get a powerful merge of such potent enchantments working in tandem to bring fortunes, dispel any bad luck, soothe and heal and develop a powerful psychic shield around you. The intensity of such enchantments may well be considered by the fact that such an effect would otherwise require many months of fasting and meditation. This Blessings Stone helps you surge forward without such difficulties and still works wonders for you and your loved ones.

All it needs is an Initiation mantra that will release the blessed spiritual forces from within it. Regular recitation also helps in better attuning with the forces of these spirits. Being the master you’ll attract riches and luck from all corners of the world. No negative force of the world would be able to restrain you back from going ahead and achieving your goals in life.

Virtues of this talisman:
• Dispels any and all misfortune and bad luck and misfortune
• Enhances your Aura
• Deflects all negative forces & evil spirits
• Brings success to all your professional endeavors
• Develops you into a respectable and formidable individual
• Attracts wealth and prosperity from all directions
• Gives healthy and long life
• Heals you and your dear ones of all types of afflictions
• Protects you and your family from any evil influences in your life

Extremely simple to use, all it needs is a sacred recitation to get activated and work its magic in your life.


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