Divine Light Amulet


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Divine Light Amulet

With the aid of this talisman you will be able to realize and make true all your dreams, wishes and desires. It also helps you to achieve augmented and enhanced finances and professional, social and spiritual life. It also shields you from any forms of harm, vulnerabilities and negates the effects of bad influences and negative energies. You will feel many virtues of this power owing to their potency and versatile. They are known for both direct and indirect causes and effects.
The powers of the talisman originate from the robust energies of the “doa Hizib Jaelani” and the pure light energy source from the “Dulur Pancer“. Being pure light energies, they don’t have an age or physical form of manifestation. Both of these energies develop your inner spiritual strength, increasing your inner light’s strength and energizing your soul. Both these energies are known to be quite prominent in the ancient times, and have long been owned and developed further by renowned Javanese occultists.

Some virtues of this talisman are:
–   Improves your financial status
–   Attracts wealth and prosperity
–   Brings you abundance in all aspects of life
–   Attracts good luck and great fortune
–   Improves your career graph
–   Improves all your business activities, regular increasing profit, etc.
–   Prevents any evil or negative energies from affecting your business
–   Shield you and your house against any black magic attacks
–   Makes people around compassionate, loving and caring towards you.
–   Makes your appearance and presence comfortable and desirable
–   Attracts the opposite sex, and helps finding your soul-mate or best match
–   Brings happiness and contentment to existing relationships
–   Improves your aura, emitting a more positive, friendly and magnetic force field
–   Makes your personality authoritative, respectable and honorable
–   Helps win the trust of others
–   Guides, protects and assists in your spiritual and metaphysical development
–   Helps develop your third eye i.e. advanced stage of psychic and spiritual perception
–   Increase both your physical and mental strength and power
–   Makes true of all your dreams, wishes and desires
–   Many more other virtues depending on your spiritual development and exploration.

This item is very simple to use. It require a simple to remember mantra to be recited in order for you to harness the true powers of this talisman.

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