Divine Light Energies of the Wali


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Divine Light Energies of the Wali


A divinely empowered talisman, it will ensure that you succeed in all your endeavors. With powers that know no limit, it will assist you in all aspects of life, whether personal or professional.

Adepts who know about khodamic energies well, they might advise you to take it up with folded hands. For these energie carry in themselves an ilmu straight from the burial grounds of the Walis or the spiritual masters who were considered second to Allah. These khodamic spirits were the disciples of these wali who also derived their powers from such a limitless source. These are very ancient spirits with great benevolent powers. These spirits served as the mighty guardians of their wali’s graves.

This enchanted amulet also contains the powers from various divine as’mas, the ajian Sapto Darmo and contains a khodamic pure light energy. This light energy does not have any physical form or shape and according to our occultists appear in the form of a white light orb. Likewise, the ajian Sapto Darmo is a special ajian that originated in the Majapahit Kingdom era. This ajian is specially powerful and effective in causing phenomenal improvement in your life and worldly matters.

A must have, this item doesn’t stay in the stock for long as it affects all the important aspects of your life. Everything from life in general, love life and work to career, etc. is benefited in a major way. All the energies and empowerments contained inside of this enchanted talisman are ancient, and are believed to date back to at least hundreds of years back from the present time.

Some of the virtues of this enchanted talisman are:
– Brings you luck and fortune; eases the path to success in every aspect
– Ensures success in all your endeavors
– Helps you develop and advance your business and career etc.
– Ensures a steady customer base and rising profits in business and in profession
– Helps you find your soul-mate or best match for life
– Harmonizes and brings peace and happiness to all your existing relationships
– Attracts wealth from the most unexpected directions to you
– Brings you abundance and makes sure not any of your needs remain unfulfilled
– And many more other virtues that depend solely on your spiritual powers that in turn realize the powers of the talisman.

This item is very simple to use and requires a simple mantra to be recited in order to harness the powers contained within this magickal talisman.

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