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Dunyo Empowered Stone


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Dunyo Empowered Stone


This special dunyo empowered stone has undergone extremely high level rituals that involve prayers from the following Wali/Imams of the past ancient spiritual times: IMAM ABIL ABHAS, SYEH ACHMAD ALIL BAUNI AL MASHURI who often find very potent references in the holy KITAB SYAMSUL. This magickal stone possesses very strong vibrations owing to the pure prayer energies contained inside of them. And therefore do not require its master or you to chant any mantra for awakening any of its powers. A must have empowerment for adepts or new occultists who want to focus on some other spiritual or psychic attainment but still need a strong shield against any dark energies or individuals. Simply keep this spiritual stone with yourself for its magickal powers to take shape and affect you in a positive fashion.

The object can be used by everyone and anyone, regardless of age. No initiation process is to be performed or conducted in its entirety to spiritually activate its powers.


Some of the claimed virtues of the Dunyo empowered ring stone are:
– Protects in any confrontation with an adversary
– Keeps you safe from any kind of disaster, accidents or mishappenings
– Keeps you safe from slander or bad mouthing
– Shields against attacks by enemies
– Keeps you safe from attacks of wild animals in all ways
– Keeps you safe from any influence or disturbance by a ghost or spirit
– Makes you more likeable, respected and worshipped by people around
– Makes it easy for you to gain trust of the leaders, bosses
– Fulfills all your wishes and desires
– Makes you win in each and every case and affair
– Eases and increases income and wealth generation
– Shields you from spells, casts, black magic and evil temptations
– If a single woman wears it, it helps her in finding the soulmate
– Resolves matters related to love and life in general, quickly
– Creates a harmonious environment in your household and life
– If worn, it provides protection from any possible theft, fires etc.
– If left at home or office or any of your premises, it protects the establishments from any and all kinds of accidents, acts of crime, etc.
– Protects crops from pests and the likes that can affect the produce negatively

This item is very simple to use, you only need to wear the empowered ring stone on your hand. There are specifically no mantras to be recited in order to awaken the true powers of this empowered magickal stone.


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