Duyung Oil of Attraction


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Duyung Oil of Attraction

Bottle contains cotton wool to
hold the sea cow tear drops.

This oil consists of a mixture of the powerful Duyung Oil of Attraaction
“Duyung Tear Drops” and other complex magical ingredients. A Shaman who
specialises in attraction and love oils has produced this powerful Attraction
Oil for raising your charismatic presence. This oil can also be used to increase
your social circle and attraction power. The oil originates from the remote
areas of Irian Jaya, making it very rare and difficult to acquire. There are no
lengthy mantras or rituals required to use this oil, its extremely simple and
easy to use Duyung Oil of Attraaction.


Use this oil Duyung Oil of Attraction, when you are out attending special functions, dinner events, you can also use it when you out parting and enjoying nightlife. Likewise, the oil can also be used
in business and corporate events where you intend to make a good and lasting
impression. This oil will make you seem highly favourable when engaging in a
negotiation, or simply to acquire trust from your fellow colleagues or peers Duyung Oil of Attraction.

To apply, simply rub a small amount of the oil onto the palm of your
hands and let its natural magical energies and pheromones work on those whom you
interact with Duyung Oil of Attraction.

Due to its exclusiveness, we only have limited stocks.
The oil is available in 5ml bottles only.

Magical Virtues:

Friends & Increases Your Social Circle

Use for
business negotiation and Deals

Attract the
opposite Sex

Charismatic Presence

sympathy from those whom you interact with Duyung Oil of Attraction.

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