Duyung Tear Drops (Sea Cow Tears)


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Tear Drops

Sea Cow Tear Drops

Version–Bottle also contains cotton wool to hold the tear drops.)

Highly sought
after Magical Tear oil retrieved from the Duyung (Sea Cow) which are often found
in Remote areas of Irian Jaya. Use this tear oil as part of your Magical spells,
Love potions, Natural Body oils or perfumes. It can easily be added to any media
and for personal application to yourself, such applying to your face area to
increase your Sexual and Attractive presence.  Become irresistible to the opposite sex
and see how easy it is.


The Duyung
tear oil can only be acquired from a crying Duyung and this is rare in itself to
find. The fisherman captures the tear drops uses cotton wool and this piece is
then preserved and sealed in a air tight container for transportation. Our
supply of these 100% natural tears has been acquired directly from Irian Jaya,
from the source of the Duyung!


This is one
of the most powerful natural forms of raw tear oil you can acquire in Indonesia
for attractions and love spells. Its powerful natural pheromones are so
seductive it will affect all those whom you interact with.  Gain peoples sympathy easily, Attract
the opposite sex. Its powerful natural pheromones and energies are often used by
Indonesian’s Local Shamans as the main ingredient in their infamous Love Potions
and Oils of Attraction.

This bottle
contains the raw version that adepts of Indonesia try to acquire to further use
in their Love potions and Oils. Sometimes you will find adepts empowering this
Raw Tear oils and then reselling them on to others.

No Mantras or
Rituals are supplied with this oil. You can use this as part of your Love spells
and Love potions or you can simply apply this directly to yourself for used in
seducing and attracting the opposite sex. With the power of this oil your goals
can be achieved much faster and easier.

 We highly recommend the user of this oil
should further mix this raw tear oils into other base oils or love attraction
oils, we also have a few of these on our website.

Magical Virtues:

Attract the Opposite sex

Increase your
Sexual/Animal Magnetism

Seduce your
targets easily

Increase your
Personal Magnetism

Increase your
Social Circle & Friendship


Application of

Apply to all
your Magical Love Potions and Oils

Apply this to
any form of Garment such as Handkerchief or Scarf,

Apply this
oil to your face, (near the forehead or side temples or back of your

empower this oil with Love Mantras and Spells and then apply this to

Description of Substance:

White/Greyish Jelly-like Substance sealed in an 5ML Air-Tight Blue
Glass Bottle.  

This is a
True Collector’s Item and due to the rarity of the oil, our stocks are very


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