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Enchanted Cosmic Lintang Stone


Enchanted Cosmic Lintang Stone

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Enchanted Cosmic Lintang Stone


This enchanted stone originates from a most ancient rock in the same mountainous region of central Java which is home to Mount Anjas Mara. Legends persist that, one day, a great beam of light struck the large rock. As a result of the strike, the rock exploded into fragments containing magnificent powerful positive cosmic powers. Adepts throughout the region flocked to collect the fragments and they confirmed the energies the small remnants held. This energy was also felt by many local Shamans who ascertained that the fragmented rocks contained not only great cosmic and metaphysical energies, but that it was further empowered and strengthened by the now released natural khodamic spiritual energies.

The combination of metaphysical and spiritual forces brings forth many benefits and virtues.

1. The energies within the stone attract compassion, pelet, love, care, respect and the attention of others, for the keeper
2. The spiritual sources make the keeper more noticeable and also remembered by his or her companions and associates.
3. Potential love sources become more easily identifiable and a long and harmonious marriage may result.
4. Good fortune will follow those looking for a new career. Whether the keeper of the stone is seeking a new position or looking to climb the career ladder, the spirits will provide good fortune and bathe you in a positive aura.
5. Traders will see an increase in business and prosperity for their products.
6. These magical stones can be used to repeal or heal any form of spiritual attack and evict evil spirit entities.
7. For those who are sterile but wish to have offspring, it will help you to succeed in creating offspring.
9. The spiritual energies positively influence your children in religion, good manners and knowledge.
9. For doctors who wish to have many patients
10. The properties within the stone Increase your authoritative presence and influence in public.
11. Protects against physical threats

This enchanted stone is also very simple to use. To benefit from its properties and virtues it must be kept close or with you at all times. Unlike other magickal powers it is simple to transfer the energies and there are no mantras or rituals to conduct. Although the stone itself is small and light, making it easy to transport, it contains very powerful positive energies.
Notes: Pelet Can meet love spell or Enchanting someone under your influence.


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