Enchanted Telaseh Ring Stone


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Enchanted Telaseh Ring Stone


This Enchanted stone is definitely a must have for you if your profession has to do with anything with that of a businessman, shop owner, investor, or anyone who does a lot of selling and buying. Encapsulated in this empowered ring stone are a variety of energies and powers that will help you achieve your ultimate goals and targets in your profession.

Owing to the same quality of its effectual powers, this item is also extremely potent and an essential for the startups as well. It will definitely aid you in all your business endeavors. Its virtues will help you get the business more profitable. It works for businessmen and women alike, and also helps in making correct business or executive decisions, giving insights into the long term perspectives etc. For shop owners, it will ensure a steadily rising customer base, and make sure that the shop generates regular income. For professionals, it will assist and improve your career graph and transform every story to a success story.

It contains the powers from the “Surat Wakiya/Waqiah“, the “Sholawat Nariyah” and the great “Asmaul Husna“. These powers originate from the most divine of prayers that go directly to Divine Source. The talisman’s energies are obtained from an extremely high spiritual dimension that has its reach way beyond the ordinary limitations of the realm. Some of these prayers come directly from the holy verses scripted in the Holy Quran itself. These are energies in their extremely pure form, and therefore do not have a physical shape or form. These energies are believed to manifest themselves in the form of white-yellowish light or glow. Hence, the powers of this talisman will naturally bring its divine force into the users aura and illuminate it further.

This talisman does not require the user to chant any mantra or carry out any religious procession and can be used by anyone and everyone.

Some of the virtues of this empowered ring stone are:
– Aids all your business endeavors
– For businessmen it will produce steadily rising profits
– Ensures a steady customer base and increasing outreach to attract more each day
– Provides valuable insights for making correct decisions and accurate prognosis etc.
– Ensures that your business grows and advances positively
– Helps you excel in your profession and quickly climb up the ladder of succession
– Helps build a positive image of yourself and easily gain the trust of business partners
– Makes you more influential, respectable and reputed
– Assists in collecting loaned money
– Attracts wealth and income from all directions of the compass
– Brings you prosperity and abundance
– Ensures that your hard work and perseverance does not go waste in any condition
– Many more other virtues depending on your spiritual capabilities

This item is very simple to use and requires a simple mantra to be recited in order for you to harness the powers contained within this magickally empowered ring stone.

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