Eyang Ushodo Jati Stone


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Eyang Ushodo Jati Stone

Empowered Stone with 40 Khodam Spirits all proficient in the art of Metaphysical Healing

With the help of this spiritually empowered stone it may be possible to heal many minor psychical ailments. The power of this talismanic stone comes from a transmission of a past historical metaphysical practitioner, “Eyang Ushodo Jati.”

The stone possesses 40 powerful khodam spirit-healers to assist practitioners of alternative medicine of all disciplines and levels, the amateur as well as the professional. With the power stone practitioners of reflexology, acupressure, acupuncture, etc. would find the points that require healing as guided by the spirit-intelligences of the stone. A daily spiritual prayer (chanting) discipline is required to build and maintain the power.

This is a highly recommend item for all Healers weather professional or amateur or even normal users. The Stone is very small.

The following virtues of this item presented below:

  • Ability to heal patients with empowered water.
  • Heal individuals from ailments and illnesses.
  • Guidance from spiritual intelligences will aid in pin-pointing the cause or effect of ailment.
  • Identify areas and pressure points which require healing.
  • Remove energy blockages to sooth and calm tensions.
  • Cleansing the patience aura from psychic dirt and toxins.
  • Guided by 40 Khodams Spirits all Proficient in the Art of Healing!
  • Highly Recommended for Metaphysical Healers and Crystal Healers.

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