Family Protection Package


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Family Protection Package.

Cost of healing work is charged now from person to person we can no longer have the price fixed. Please enquire by email.

·         A Complete 4-Level Aura Cleansing for each member of the family. We will remove any black Magick attacks or any form of entity possessing the individual. (Refer to this Link)

·         Psychic Shield for each member of the family. Each member will be remotely empowered with a protective shield after their cleansing.

·         Custom-made Talismanic object for each member of the family. The talisman is for Magical Protection and to reinforce the psychic protection and ward-off further forms of attacks.

·         House Cleansing. This cleansing is for the house only, removing Unwanted Spirits, Negative Energies and Raising the House’s Magical Shield to protect from its occupants from further attacks. If there are any black Magick objects installed in the home, these will be neutralised, by the adept so their negative effects no longer affect any members of the household.

Optional upgrades to this package:

A.      Powerful Customised Jinn/Khodam to protect the house and all the members: The genie will be pre-commanded and the name will also be provided to you. The genie is customised to your home and commanded to prioritise protection for the house and each member of your family. These genies are highly proficient in defending the family and home. Price for additional Jinn/Khodam Item: £450.00 (excluding delivery).

B.      Additional Members of your family: If your family members exceed 4 people, we can include them in the package for a further fee of: £130.00 per additional member.

Details required from you:

1.       Clear pictures of each family member. A separate picture is required for each member. (Please do not include one picture with the whole family.)

2.       Full Name and Date of Birth for each member of the family. Also include the status of each member; i.e. Mother, Daughter, Father, Son, Wife etc

3.       Clear pictures of the front and back of your house. Please take these pictures during the daytime where there is sufficient light for a clear picture.

Terms of Order and Payment

4.       All pictures should be emailed and in .jpg / Jpeg format. Please send in this format or your order could be delayed.

5.       Payment for this package can only be made strictly via Bank Wire or Bank Transfer.

For more information on our aura cleansing and demonic possession removal, please refer to the following link: 4 Level Healing Ritual


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