Gada Besi Kuning (New Smaller Version)


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Gada Besi Kuning

Magical Yellow Iron Club This new version is much smaller. Pictures will follow soon.


The Gada Besi Kuning is a small Iron club empowered by an adept in Islamic Occult Arts. The small club is not to be used on the battlefield, but in the boardroom – as it has the magical virtues of helping the user succeed in business.


This talisman wields powerful prosperity and success magic not only for the business owner, but for the employee. With the help of this magical talisman you will be passed over for promotion, and will not be denied a raise. No matter your chosen profession this magical small club will advance your career to its fullest potential, helping you to achieve all of your goals and dreams of financial success.


Magickal Virtues of the Gada Besi Kuning


  • Instantly causes people to admire and respect the user
  • Accelerates ones career goals, helps one to achieve success in business or their chosen profession
  • Helps you gain promotions and raises on the job.
  • Will find work for the unemployed,
  • While wearing the talisman none may speak ill or slanderous about you or libel you.
  • You will acquire unexpected luck in times of emergency

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