Gatut Kaca – Spiritual Artifact


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Gatut Kaca



Magickal Mythological character, this powerful magickal statue contains a high level khodamic spirit which can be reffered to by a name. Thus no name or mantra Is required to use this object and benefit from its magickal energies.


The Magickal Gatut Kaca

Attracts Luck & Wealth, Improves Business/Trade/Sales

Increases Power of Authority, improves your position at work, causes people to respect the user.

Power of Influence, your suggestion will easily penetrate into the subject’s sub-consciousness.

Protects Business from Black Magickal Attacks and negative Spirits that seek to harm or bankrupt the user.

Protects one’s home or office from Criminals actions/Intent, Protects one asset from Thief’s & Robberies.

Provides protection for the whole family, Wards of any form of attacks metaphysically and physically.

Eventually gives the user invulnerability to Magickal Attacks and Spells. This power is developed over time with closer relationship with the Khodam Spirit and Regular meditation with the statue.

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