Genie of Ponorogo


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Genie of Ponorogo

This khodam / jinn spirit does not come with a name. A simple ritual is provided for summoning the powers and presence of the khodam / jinn spirit


There is no telling how much you’ll be able to accomplish and how much greatness you will achieve when you add this specially empowered talisman to your inventory of magical items. Even if it is the only talisman you possess, it contains enough enchantment and special powers to greatly improve your life in all aspects.

The talisman is inhabited by a genie spirit who will assist you in everything, from accumulating great wealth to improving your spirituality. The powers of the talisman are nearly limitless; you can ask the genie within the talisman to fulfill any wish, helping you with finances, relationships, protection, health, safety and much more. It is truly a beneficial item to own.

The genie spirit that is endemic to the area of Ponorogo in East Java. The spirit is as old as the kingdoms are, roughly since the 15th century. It tends to manifest itself in the form of a pewayangan character named petruk.

This spirit is very versatile and powerful, but the item is very simple to use. It simply requires the user to complete a simple ritual in order to harness the powers contained in the talisman. The user must remember that the genie only provides assistance; the user still has to work hard in order to prosper. The genie will facilitate the user’s efforts, and might also directly manifest itself.


The following virtues of this item are presented below:

– The magical power of the talisman will help you to attract wealth and prosperity
– Advance in your career or improve your financial situation
– You will begin to radiate positive energy
– Improve your authoritative presence
– Ease matters and help resolve problems
– Help the user in creating relationships with others
– Emit great charisma
– Obtain respect and honor from others
– The genie will help to ensure your safety
– Improve your spirituality and receive healing
– The genie will instill within you great physical, mental, and spiritual strength,
– The genie will instill within you intellectual power
– Receive protection from harm and improve your health
– You will find it easier to attract love and compassion from others
– You will be able to find and attract your soulmate
– The talisman will help to ward off black magic, bad spells, demonic entities, etc.
– This versatile item and the genie within will help you to complete any task, and the genie will assist in helping you to manifest a desired outcome to any intentions or wishes


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