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Genie Spirit Manikin (Higher Class Custom Version)


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Achieve Wealth with Genie Spirit Manikin

Customised Higher Class -Special Version

You can achieve wealth with the Genie Spirit Manikin Higher Class version. This item is now provided with a Guru Level Genie or a Higher Level Shamanic Jinn.

The contact and Commanding process is much simpler, the power of the item is a lot  stronger and suitable for advance practitioners. The presence can easily be felt, this item is a small statue and can be carried easily on your self.

We can now provide a Female or a Male Jinn upon request!


Customer Bio Data Is Required–Approx 7-14 Days to produce. (Recent-Pic, Full Name, DOB)

The Genie Spirit Manikin is a magical spirit genie companion, which is extremely advanced and experienced. This item will assist the user to attract wealth, improve and assist in business matters, attract money and attract your soul-mate.

The Genie Spirit, besides helping you achieve wealth, protects you on your journeys, as it protects you from magical and psychic attacks. it will become the user’s personal guide. It is very versatile and can assist the user in many different fields of work, from both mundane tasks to metaphysical tasks you appoint to it.

With the aid of the Genie companion, the user will be able to unfold psychic abilities, increase their psychic sensitivity and improve the quality at which they carry out magical occult practices.

This is a Javanese magical item, and it is very safe and easy to use for any practitioner. Command the Genie Spirit Manikin for assistance on any task or problem you are facing. The Genie’s home is a small statue, very discreet as it can fit into your pocket or purse.

We have 2 versions of this item, the Normal Version and the Special Version. The Special Version carries a more powerful Genie Spirit which has been customised for the user, which is more suitable for use by more experienced practitioners who have worked with Genie Spirits in the past.


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