Gentong Sembrani Djinn Spirit


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This powerful talisman is infused with Djinn spirits which allow their owner magical insight. In a world full of duplicity it brings forth the ability to see into the true nature of others. It heightens your awareness and intuition allowing you to clearly see the true aura of any person you come into contact with. Those who intend to manipulate or deceive you will be revealed. Whether this be in personal relationships, with family, friends or even business acquaintances, you will quickly be able to establish their genuine intentions. Your Djinn will protect you by giving you the insight so long held by only those with spiritual divination, and this will allow you to make correct decisions in respect of all things important in life, be they personal or profitable.

You will also be imbued with the ability to see into yourself. The genie spirit will roll back the dark cloths binding your eyes and this will reveal your own failings allowing you to make positive changes within yourself. It will also display to you the talents and capacities which have gone unrecognised before and allow you to use these gifts to bring positivity into your life. By acting in a dual capacity, letting you see the good and bad in others and also yourself, you can only move forward on a path filled with contentment and enlightenment. The Gentong brings good toward you and pushes bad away, it brings only positivity for its keeper.

Virtues of this Talisman:

– the spiritual entity within reveals the true intentions of others

– you will make better decisions in your personal & professional life

– those with damaged auras can be avoided and shunned

– life partner choices will become easier

– close relationships will benefit from your deep insight

– good business decisions are more easily made

– you will be able to better understand your own failings and talents

– the Djinn pushes away negativity and pulls positivity toward you

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