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Getah Kesambi Magical Oil for Spiritual & Psychic Powers – Discount Package



Getah Kesambi Magical Oil

For Bathing Only!

This oil is no longer made for consumption.

Package of 7 bottles with 25% discount.


This version is a class higher than the Getah Panguripan Oil with extra magickal virtues since it gives one the invulnerability to bullets and has been empowered with the extra force for invulnerability effects.

This oil was produced by a renowned adept who specialises in metaphysical healing and curative remedies. He is very proficient in metaphysical and magickal arts.

The oil itself is made from a secret and rare mix of ingredients which will provide the user numerous and incredible powers. The oil is carefully extracted from a very rare tree which is then magickally empowered by the adept. All that is required from the user is to use the oil for bathing. In similar aspects to a magickal potion this oil transfers onto the user virtuous attributes.

You will notice positive changes in your physical body and your psychic senses. You will find your energy structure will be strengthened and cleansed from negative psychic toxins. Black magick attacks will be neutralised from your aura. The magickal potion will work to cleanse one’s body. Your meditation will also improve and you will find it easier to reach states of silence when focusing. The magickal and metaphysical effects of this oil are presented below.

If you are looking to purchase an item which gives you only the healing virtues of this oil, the Getah Panguripan Oil is a lower-priced item which provides you will the same healing virtues as below.

To maintain the power and sustain permanent effects from the oil it is advisable to consume 7 bottles of this oil as recommended by the producer.

Healing and Magickal Virtues of the Oil:

• Invulnerability against sharp weapons such as knifes and machetes.
• Develop incredible invulnerability to bullets!
• Strengthen bones and heal fractures easily.
• You will develop a protective shield against black magick attacks, psychic attacks and negative forces.
• Acquire a powerful and authoritative presence.
• Increases psychic sensitivity.
• Cleanses the body from negative energies
• Increase personal magnetism and charisma.
• Acquire the “sabda siddhi” power, where your words will have the power to manifest and come true.
• Improve your sexual strength.
• Increase intelligence and improve your memory.
• Ability to heal those affected and troubled by negative entities.
• Develop closer relationships with your spirit guides and spirit familiars.
• Improve and increase your luck.
• Automatically heal your body.
• Increase concentration and as a result improve meditations.
• Strengthen your nervous & digestive over time.
• Increase your physical body stamina.
• Your face will radiate attractiveness and power.
• Influence people around you with ease.
• Empower your aura and with positive energies and light. 
• Your auric field will be empowered and gain strength.
• Develop the martial art of the power punch.
• Negative entities will fear you and black magicians will face troubles influencing and directing black magick spells towards you.
• you’re metaphysical and magickal training will strengthen in power


Note: All items come with an Item Instruction Paper. These will be sent to you after you have confirmed receipt of your package. The Instruction Paper will advise you how to use and care for your item. Contact us to let us know you have received your package to obtain this item’s Instruction Paper.

Note: Items may vary in size, colour and appearance from the image shown; however its purpose will remain the same as that described above.

Pictures are illustrations purpose only, actual media differs from batch to batch

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Weight 7 kg
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