Golden Egg of the Tuyul Spirit


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Golden Egg of the Tuyul Spirit

The khodam / jinn spirit contained in the item has a simple mantra to recite in order to harness its powers


The Golden Egg of the Tuyul Spirit is a small, empowered Egg Shape Pot, which inhabits a Positive Tuyul Spirit (Also known as a Koman-Tong). The spirit will grant you the power to fulfill your wishes and achieve your goals, as well as keep you safe from negative energies and bad luck. An ideal magical item for anyone who is striving for success, the item is easy to use and maintain, and could be the vital component needed to secure a wonderful future.

This item is based on the higher class Tuyul spirits, which are benevolent spirits that do not possess selfish desires or malicious intent, and do not require a sacrifice in order to grant your wishes. The spirit often appears as a small child, with hair and facial features, unlike inferior spirits that typically appear bald headed and are usually employed by magicians.

Use this item with good thoughts for favor and prosperity in mind, and you will soon reach your desired level of success. Additionally, the item will enable you to accumulate wealth, and will keep you safe from harm from those who would wish to hurt you either physically, mentally or magically.

This item only requires the user to anoint the item with aromatic oils once a month. This item is more suitable for business premises, Shops, Restaurants, Warehouse, it can be even installed in one’s home.


The following virtues of this item are presented below:

– Improve your chances of success.
– Attract money to you or your business.
– Receive protection from those who would wish to do you harm, either physically, mentally or magically.


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