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Golden Genie Servant


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Golden Genie Servant

The magical Golden Genie Servant is adept in the field of wealth manifestation and attainment in career goals and desires.

This special Genie assists in attracting money and stabilising your finances so that you will advance in your career and business endeavours, regardless of the possible obstacles you may be facing, similar to the Genie of Albino Crocodile.  The Genie also will look over your welfare, ensuring that you have enough of life essentials. The Genie will fulfil your commands, always making sure that you are not struggling as you move ahead in your path.

This type of Golden Genie Servant is very skilful as it resides near the graves of Spiritual Masters, ‘Walis’, Saints and other highly spiritually developed occult practitioners of the Java Islands.  The Genie’s skills are incredibly advanced as they inherit these from the certain spiritual forces from the Spiritual Masters and practitioners.

The Genie Spirit focuses its attention on improving your business endeavours, finance and career goals as well as focusing on attracting sales, business clients and suitable suppliers. It will work well in any business sector, where you may require a promotion or additional boost against any competition you may face. The Genie allows you to ‘step–up’ amongst rivals so that you are visible to key clients, businesses or individuals whom you require to accelerate your career. Therefore this item is beneficial and recommended to business owners, entrepreneurs, politicians, people who work within government administration and within the entertainment industries. 

The Golden Genie Servant can also be used to aid in personal problems, as well as money or business issues you may be facing. It can assist in defending your business or work premises from black magic attacks, protecting certain individuals and yourself, and will also aid you in spiritual and metaphysical development. This makes this Genie Spirit very versatile as it possesses different skills and it is not bounded to carry out certain tasks. This makes it a very special aid to anyone who wishes to use it, as it tackles a number of different problems.

This magical Golden Genie Servant is easy to use and the presence of the genie can be felt from time to time. If you are clairvoyant or possess high psychic sensitivity you may communicate and see the Genie directly. However, this item is very simply and one is not required to have such advanced abilities in order to obtain the benefits of this item. The user is required to submit prayers to the Divine Source whereby requesting that permission is given and authority is passed to the genie to carry out your commands.

Golden Genie Servant is very easy to use as there is a series of simple prayers which need to be recited. The name of your genie spirit and full instructions on how to use this item will be provided.


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