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Haunted Place Cleansing Talisman



Haunted Place Cleansing Talisman

Can also be worn and kept on the user, if not installed in the Haunted Site

This magically empowered talisman can be used to protect yourself and your home from invading and unwanted etheric and astral spirits and creatures. Spirits such as ghosts, negative jinns and evil entities will not trespass near the Land Cleansing Talisman.

The talisman’s power improves the psychic atmosphere around your premises and creates a powerful shield which is impenetrable by the invisible astral spirits and creatures.

The talisman radiates a fiery energy that deters negative spirits from coming any closer and to flee the area where the item is installed. This improves the quality of the comfort and harmony in the home or business place on a metaphysical level.

Haunted Place Cleansing is a Javanese Magical Talisman which creates a powerful psychic barrier. The talisman wards off negative entities, psychic attacks and black magick attacks. This item is particularly good to dispel the presence of spirits in haunted locations.

Haunted Place Cleansing can be worn on yourself, carried in your purse or wallet, or installed in your home or business premises. It will protect you from the unpleasant spirits and ghosts as well as protect you from influence and magical attacks.

The Haunted Place Cleansing is very easy to use, as you are only required to install it at your desired location and there is no chanting required.



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