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Healing Power of the Sencang Tree


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Healing Power of the Sencang Tree

This khodam / jinn spirit does not come with a name. A simple ritual is provided for summoning the powers and presence of the khodam / Healing Power of the Sencang Tree


There are many things in this world that affect our daily lives without us knowing it, such as bad luck, misfortune, or harmful and evil entities that wish to inflict negative energies upon you. If you feel you have been unlucky or affected by negative energies, then you’ll definitely want to avail yourself of this magical talisman. With the aid of this talisman, you’ll be able to ward off misfortune, and receive protection from both physical and metaphysical illnesses, Healing Power of the Sencang Tree.

You will not have tow worry about any enemies who may wish to do your harm, and will be safe from spells, chants, black magic, witchcraft, etc.

This talisman is made out from the sencang tree from the Majapahit area, which is present day central and east Java. The tree obtains its natural powers from the land where it grows, Healing Power of the Sencang Tree.

This selected tree grows on the soil that was blessed with king Prabu Brawijaya’s immense powers, in an area that he used for meditation. Apart from its natural powers, this talisman is also further empowered with asma ul Husna powers.

This item is very simple to use. The user must complete a simple ritual in order to harness the powers contained in the talisman.

The Sencang tree is a large, tropical tree found in Southeast Asia, known for its remarkable healing properties. According to local traditions and beliefs, the Sencang tree possesses powerful spiritual energies that can be harnessed for healing and well-being. Healing Power of the Sencang Tree.

In traditional medicine, the bark, leaves, and roots of the Sencang tree are used to treat a wide range of ailments, including fever, respiratory problems, and digestive issues. It is believed that the tree’s leaves and bark contain compounds that have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which help to boost the body’s immune system and promote healing, Healing Power of the Sencang Tree.


The following virtues of this item are presented below:

– The magical power of the object will help you to attract powerful good luck
– The talisman will ward off bad luck and misfortune
– The talisman will enable you to cleanse yourself of negative energies
– You will be able to remove any effects of spells, chants, black magic, witchcraft, etc.
– Improve your spirituality and receive healing
– You will find it easier to resolve problems


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