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Full House Psychic Scanning and Cleansing Ritual

Demon, Spirit, Ghosts and Black Magick Removal


Price depends from home to home. We can not set a Fixed Fee for custom work.

As the popular saying goes, Home is where the heart is, if this is true for you, then may your Home be blessed. As we seek shelter, gather, eat and grow in our homes, it becomes our protective sanctuary our place of comfort and belonging. The home should be a place where we feel protected and where blessings will reach us throughout our lives, therefore always safeguarding us from negative influences or entities which may inhabit the surroundings of our home. Since we spend a lot of our time at our homes, it is important that it works it’s best for you and your family. There are many different aspects of the home and its energies which can affect us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Not all houses have positive energies, past inhabitants may have had difficult times and at times it is these energies which remain stagnant within the premises, these are known as negative “Thought forms”. Other times, negative psychic energies may have been directed to the home and its inhabitants, you do not want these energies to be affecting you at a later stage.

These negative energies may have been created by people with ill-intent towards you or any other previous inhabitant and it is important to have these neutralised and removed, to ease and uplift the wellbeing of the current occupiers. Such negative energies may also affect your wealth and health, therefore creating and affecting physical issues in your life. Emotionally, you may feel exhausted and depressed, as the energy is drained from you. Mentally you may not be at peace, with yourself, or other members of your household.

To find out if your home may be affected by such energies we can provide you with a full scan and then provide a cleansing of your home to eliminate such negative psychic energies and spirits.

We will conduct a psychic scan which involves looking into the psychic atmosphere around your home and removing the disturbance. The psychic report will provide you with information on the entities that exist in the house and where they are located and what types of entities they are. They may not all be negative, some may be positive and others neutral, either way, it is still good to be sure your protected.

We will also carry out a metaphysical scan which will detect any negative spirits, black magic objects and negative distorted energies (often doorways from other dimensions opened) which spirits use for crossing.  

We will also provide a house cleansing; we will neutralise any metaphysical negative energies and disturbances if these are found. We will neutralise any demonic entities in the home, we will engage into a remote psychic battle to push them out of your home and environment. If there are black magic objects planted into the home it will be magical neutralised and disabled, to allow more positive and uplifting energies to be present.

By protecting your home and wellbeing, you are able to uplift the energies around your surroundings which will then have a direct impact on you, the occupier, and your family. It will allow you to further develop all aspects of your life, Love, Health, Wealth and Spiritual Development.

Details of what you will get in your Psychic House Scan Report and Psychic Cleansing:

  • Psychic Scanning of House Aura
  • Metaphysical Scanning of Residential Spirits, Black Magic Objects, Door Ways and Strong Negative Thought Forms.
  • Areas of problems located around the home, (where there has been a build up of bad energies). Locations will be given in the report.
  • Psychic Cleansing Benefits for fixing above problems, (if found):
  • Removal of negative psychic energies in the home.
  • Removal of negative spirits such as demons, spirits, Jinns etc.
  • Closing of doorways and open gates which bring in more negative spirits in the home.
  • Neutralising the implanted negative objects directed by occultists.
  • Cleansing the house aura from negative psychic leaches which drain the wealth and prosperity of the home.
  • Improving the house psychic atmosphere to uplift its vibration and to allow blessings and prosperity to be attracted from all 4 directions.


Information we require from you to conduct the Scan:

  • Two Large images of your house (One of the front and one of the back of the house)
  •  If there is a certain problem in a particular room you may send us the picture of that room too.

Please ensure the images are of very good quality. Low quality images will be declined. We suggest that you use a good Digital Camera to take the images. Please convert large files to .jpg format and email them to us, with your contact name and details.  Please make sure your images are less than 1 MB each in file size.


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