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House Protection Talisman (Benteng Jagad)



Asma Benteng Jagad

This package contains 4 Talismans.

Use the Asma Benteng Jagad to protect your home, business or office from magickal or psychic attack. This Magickal Talisman creates a powerful white magic shield around the property it is meant to protect. Burying the talisman in close proximity to the property within the area surrounding the building will protect it from metaphysical and even physical harm.

The Asma Benteng is a great talisman to own if you live in an area prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes or hurricanes.

Benteng Jagad, also known as the World Fortress, is a mystical place shrouded in legends and myths. Located in West Java, Indonesia, this ancient fortress has become a popular destination for tourists and history enthusiasts alike. Benteng Jagad is surrounded by beautiful scenery and offers a unique blend of history, culture, and spiritualism.

The legends surrounding Benteng Jagad are fascinating and diverse. One of the most popular legends tells of the fortress being built in just one night by a supernatural being named Kyai Jaga. According to the legend, Kyai Jaga was asked to help build the fortress to protect the local villagers from invaders. He completed the task in one night with the help of his magical powers. Another legend tells of a beautiful princess who was cursed by an evil sorcerer and turned into a stone statue. It is said that the princess can still be seen in the fortress today, and her spirit continues to protect the fortress and its visitors.

The history of Benteng Jagad is equally captivating. The fortress was built during the 15th century by the Sunda Kingdom to protect against attacks from neighboring kingdoms. It is one of the best-preserved examples of ancient military architecture in Indonesia. The fortress was made of stone and features a complex system of walls, gates, and towers that were strategically designed to protect against invaders. Visitors can explore the fortress and see the various structures that were used for defense.

Apart from the historical and legendary aspects, Benteng Jagad is also a spiritual place for many Indonesians. There are many small shrines and sacred spots located throughout the fortress where visitors can offer prayers and offerings. The most significant shrine is the Keramat Kujang Jaga, which is believed to be the resting place of Kyai Jaga. Visitors can participate in various spiritual activities, such as meditation, and experience the spiritual energy of the place.

In conclusion, Benteng Jagad is a mystical and captivating destination that offers a unique blend of history, culture, and spirituality. The legends, history, and spiritualism associated with the fortress make it an essential place to visit for anyone interested in Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage. So, plan your visit to Benteng Jagad today and experience the mystical world of legends, history, and spirituality.

Magickal Virtues of this Talisman:

  • The premises will be protected from all harm: including black magick, psychic attacks and negative spirits.
  • The power of this talisman will keep all the members of the house safe from disease and illness
  • Thieves and robbers will be denied access to the premises
  • The power of the talisman creates an aura of domestic harmony and tranquility. All those who enter the premises will feel a welcome and positive atmosphere, and will be afforded the same protections as the residents while in the protected structure..
  • Those with evil intention towards the home or it occupants will be denied access, or there evil purpose will not permitted to be carried within.
  • The Power of the talisman protects the home from fires or other physical damage
  • The power protects occupants of the home from poverty and overwhelming debts

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