Ilmu Khodam Nur Ilahi Spiritual Empowerment


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Ilmu Khodam Nur Ilahi

Remote Spiritual Empowerment

Plus a High Level Khodamic Spirit Companion which is anchored to your auric field

This remote spiritual empowerment is derived from the Ancient khodam Spiritual Force developed by the ever-powerful Allah’s trustees (para aulia). This potent power was used by the trustees for their protection and general assistance as they spread the teachings and blessings of God and expanding the conciousness of all those they interacted with.

With this Spiritual Metaphysical Power the owner will be blessed with a khodamic companion who will provide assistance and act as a personal servant providing guidance for ones Magickal & Spiritual Development/Practices.

Depending on which type of khodamic companion the keeper attracts during the spirit ritual some will come with a very short mantra and others will come with names. The khodamic spirit will become your personal assistant and direct physic communication can take place between the keeper and the spirit in cases where the keeper has senses which are highly developed.  It should be noted that for those who are not psychic this power will still be very useful and pertinent.

This khodamic companion is all encompassing and will bring benefits to all aspects of the keeper’s life. It will guide and keep the keeper on a positive path avoiding negativity and assisting the keeper in their personal spiritual development. This khodamic spirit can also assist in mundane matters and any day to day problems or issues one may face.

This Magical Force will help the keeper avoid all forms of negative intent. The khodamic companion will also emit great positive energies thus improving the keeper’s own energy field many fold. Once the keeper has been empowered with this Magical Force other psychics and also those who are sensitive will see a strong white light emitting from the keeper’s auric field. This white light will develop and grow both in and outside of one’s energy structure, increasing in speed and frequency.

This Spiritual force will assist the keeper in all aspects of life, including:

  • Spiritual Development
  • Communication with ones higher/inner self
  • Development of occult and Shamanic Powers
  • Communication with cosmic and spirit beings from Astral & Etheric dimensions.
  • Provides power to assist the keeper in attracting wealth, prosperity, health, love, friendship, success and limitless other positive factors
  • Anything the keeper desires or wishes for the manifestation will occur at a more rapid speed
  • The keeper will appear as much more charming, compassionate, having great positive presence and authority over humans and non-humans. It will also help to bring forth many benefits, be it in relationships, finance or career

Keepers should note it is necessary to never forget to be eternally grateful to the Almighty should you reap any benefits of this khodamic companion.

  • The power of this khodam and the Spiritual light which is installed into the keeper, will also bring benefit to one’s Spiritual practices.

This very special ilmu brings countless benefits and improvements in your life. In general:

  • All round life improvement, in aspects ranging from the mundane to spiritual issues
  • The manifestation of desires and goals more easily
  • This magical force will allow for the development of the spiritual and occult powers of the keeper with not only greater ease but also more force
  • It will provide the keeper with the ability to develop psychic sensitivity to greater refinements.
  • It will allow communication with Spiritual Masters, Saints, Walis and the Spirit world with greater authority and ease
  • It will increase the power of words, spells and mantras
  • It will make the keeper feel more secure and protected from disaster, peril and accidents
  • It will improve the health and mental welfare of the keeper
  • Improves and makes the keeper more positive about their financial situation.  


Application and Method of Transfer

  • This Spiritual Empowerment will be directly transferred by our adept in a period of 7 days. The transfer will last for 1 hour per day under an intense magickal ritual.
  • On the first day and the last day the client shall perform meditation as directed for 1 hour.
  • The client will be provided with 3 empowered capsules to be ingested on the first day.
  • The client shall also receive the following provisions as part of the package:- A Magickal Mantra is provided to further increase the light force energy into your body. If practised regularly, over time the power will awaken psychic and spiritual abilities within the user. Gradually the bond between the user and the Khodamic Spirit will grow in strength.
    – An empowered Magickal Talisman to further enhance your auric field with a multitude of Magickal Powers.
    –  A Specialized Empowered Amulet, which is custom-made to the user. This will further reinforce the magickal power we have transferred into the recipient.
    – A High Level Khodam Spirit (Appears as a Light Form). This will be directly transferred into the recipient’s Auric Field.
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