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Jalbur Rizqi Talisman


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Jalbur Rizqi Talisman


Jalbur Rizqi Talisman contains a spirit familiar which will assist the user to attract money and wealth to one’s self whether it is through business, inheritance or through other unexpected sources. The user will find their financial situation will change for the better.


The Jalbur Rizqi Talisman has been produced by an adept in Ilmu Al-Hikmah, who has carried out a series of strict fasting and lengthy rituals to attach a spirit familiar to this talisman, for its successful use.


There are no difficult mantras or rituals to recite or conduct. The Jalbur Rizqi Talisman is small and discreet, simply carry this magical talisman on you, in your wallet, pocket or purse or install it in your home or business area for the magical power to work for you.


The magical virtues of this item are presented below:


Whilst doing business or trading, carry the talisman with you, so it can assist you to negotiate to your advantage and successfully acquire your desires goal.

Install this talisman in your office, shop, restaurant or factory outlet to attract wealth and blessings into the premises. You will notice a gain in customers and subsequently sales.

If carried on one self, the talisman will improve the quality of your aura allowing you to attract luck and blessings in to your life.

Install this talisman in your home to receive unexpected wealth and blessings from all directions.

The talismanic item increases your charismatic presence and attraction power, especially useful for those who are public speakers or presenting projects to board members/leaders. You will find the crowd to be sympathetic to your cause.


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