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Javanese Cupid’s Arrow


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Javanese Cupid’s Arrow


This item contains a genie spirit. The name of the genie is not provided for this item. A Simple to use mantra helps direct the powers and the spirit entity.

Have you ever wanted the power to make anyone you want fall in love with you? Having this love talisman is like having your own Javanese cupid’s arrow, which you can fire at anyone you wish. If you are looking for love or wish to create a special bond of love with someone you have already met or have a particular interest in, then you’ll want to avail yourself of the special powers of this magical talisman Javanese Cupid’s Arrow.

With the aid of this talisman, you’ll be able to magically entrance anyone you desire into falling in love with you. The magical enchantment is so strong that even those who have negative feelings towards you will soon find themselves loving you.

The powers of this talisman originally are endemic to Mount Anjasmara in East Java. This mountain is also considered by the locals to be a mystical mountain. Our adepts not only have managed to extract some of the mountain’s metaphysical powers but also have managed to tame high level genie spirits that rule the mountain.

Javanese Cupid’s Arrow is an ancient mystical object that has been used for centuries in Javanese culture to symbolize the power of love and connection. This enchanted arrow is said to possess the power to influence the emotions and desires of those who are struck by it, making it a potent tool for those seeking to influence the feelings and behaviors of others.

In modern times, the concept of Javanese Cupid’s Arrow has taken on a new meaning in the world of marketing and business. By understanding the keywords and phrases that resonate with their target audience, businesses can craft messages and marketing materials that speak directly to their needs and desires, increasing their influence and achieving their goals more effectively.

The entities are as old as the mountain is, and are quite powerful in nature. This combination of the Jinn spirit and the powers of the mountain make this talisman very powerful in affecting how someone perceives you javanese cupid’s arrow.


This item is very simple to use, as the user only needs to complete a simple ritual in order to activate the powers of the talisman.

The following virtues of this item are presented below:

– The magical power of the object enable you to entrance someone into loving you
– The magical power of the object create an inseparable bond between you and the person you desire
– Even those who hate you will change their opinion of you, accept you and love you
– Contains a genie spirit from the Anjasmara Mountain.


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