Kayangan Spiritual Empowerment


Javanese Kayangan Spiritual Empowerment

“Remote Empowerment Item”


This special Magical Power provides powers directly derived from the Divine Source and was developed by Allah’s trustees (Saints, Aulia, Spiritual Masters) as a blessing & Angelic guidance for those who seek to advance in their spiritual development. This subtle, yet extremely powerful energy, is indeed a special power to own. Only selected people who have had bestowed upon them the Almighty’s Blessings will have the ability to unlock the full potential of this extraordinary spiritual force. To master this spiritual power completely and to unlock its hidden powers one would have to undergo strict disciplines of regular fasting & vegetarian diet, daily meditation, daily chanting of divine names of god and prayers. Change of attitude towards life and others around ones self in a positive manner. Self-respect and honesty to ones self and others at all times even when facing danger or criticisms.


This spiritual power is suitable for anyone who wishes to advance in the Spiritual/Metaphysical field provided one is determined and focused.


This Spiritual Power holds a high frequency and during the transfer we will help stabilize a higher frequency within the receiver’s energy field. A Mantra is provided to help further stabilize this frequency over a longer period of time. As one develops and progresses the force will awaken power centers within the energy field and the brain. The level of abilities and skills awakened depends from user to user.


Virtues of this divine Spiritual energy include:

  • Intensified physical power & Longevity
  • Increased Will-Power
  • Increased Metaphysical strength
  • Ease in developing all forms of occult powers
  • Mastery of one’s own psychic senses
  • Success in spiritual and magical development
  • Increased power of influence
  • Raises one Consciousness to higher spiritual state of mind.
  • Raises ones Intelligence as one develops and awaken dormant sections of the brain.
  • Financial blessings
  • Maximum respect from peers and subordinates
  • Mastery of one self

Such are the extensive benefits provided by this Spiritual Power we remind you again that he who owns this divine power must never forget to be thankful to the Almighty.

This magical force derives energy directly from the Air and Sky elements and holds the keeper under the protection of Angelic beings.

This special power will provide the keeper with:


  • Realization of all your dreams and wishes manifested at an accelerated pace
  • Faster manifestation of visual images one wishes to manifest in reality.
  • Improvements in all aspects of your life whether Love, Business or Health
  • Inspiration and guidance from Angelic beings to steer you away from negative spirits and guard you against demons and those with evil or bad intentions
  • Satiety in living a prosperous, opulent, peaceful and contented life
  • Guidance from higher cosmic forces to assist you in resolving complex problems
  • Inspiration and wisdom during deep meditation from nature forces
  • Increased intensity of your spiritual and magical powers
  • The ability to transcend into deeper meditation more quickly and easily
  • Maximization of creativity, intelligence and IQ
  • Vibrate at a higher frequency; attracting blessings and visitations from other world dimensional beings
  • Increases the power of your psychic senses and intuition and refines them to high levels of accuracy
  • Strengthening communication with your Higher-Self allowing to easier access to any guidance or form of assistance
  • Maximization of your ability to develop telepathic skills, read minds, communicate with beings from Astral and Etheric dimensions as well as beings outside of our planetary systems.
  • The skill to harness the power of Air and Wind, send energy directly to anyone at anytime instantly!

The benefits of this Spiritual Power are so numerous it is impossible to list them all and those bestowed with the Almighty’s Blessing may attract virtues not listed above. It is essential that a keeper of this extraordinary power is grateful to the Almighty for all the benefits they receive. One should refrain from worldly temptations as much as possible to fully awaken this spiritual power.


  • Application / Method of transfer

Method of transfer:

  1. This Magical Power will be directly transferred by our adept in a period of 7 days.
  2. On the first day and the last day the client shall perform meditation as directed.
  3. The client will be provided 3 capsules to take on the first day before meditation.


The client shall also receive the following provisions as part of this special power package:

– Mantra to further develop the power within the user.

– A special empowered custom Talismanic object

– Empowered Ritual Materials for showering purpose (To cleanse the aura for the first day initiation)

– A Genie will be allocated to the user (comes with a name!) to assist further on this magickal power development and application.


This empowerment is Non-Refundable!!


Payment Via Bank Wire or Western Union Only! No Exception.



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