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Keblak Mayang Koro


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Keblak Mayang Koro


Inside the realms of this talisman resides not one, two but three jinn or genie spirits. In their essence, they all work towards the fulfillment of all your desires and wishes. These Keblak Mayang Koro spirits cause noticeable improvements in all aspects of your life ranging from work, finance, career, love life, wealth, relation, security to wisdom and personal development.


These spirits originated from Mount Bromo, an active volcano at the eastern parts of Java and believed to belong to the area along with many other powerful spiritual entities. It is also the local belief that many paranormal energies exist inside the adjoining forest and mountainous areas. The powers of these spirit is so that many Javanese occultists recommend meditation in these areas for better psychic and spiritual development. This is owing to the fact that this area has extremely high energy force fields that bring forth better expansion of the metaphysical realm.


The spirits in this talisman also belong to the same area and looked after the safety of the volcano and kept its energies in control. It is believed to be hundred years old and manifests itself in the form of a human with curly hair, wearing no clothes.


Mount Bromo is considered one of the most mystical volcanoes in Java. This spirit is a must have for you if you want a talisman containing an endless reserve of cosmic and psychic energies. Meditating would no longer be the same thing as these strong energies will cause enormous expansion in your spiritual realm and make you focus your force fields better. Hence, causing a significant increase in your energies and aura.


Some more of the virtues of this talisman are:
– Improves your financial condition and reputation
– Acts like a magnet of wealth and prosperity from all sides
– Brings you abundance in all aspects of life
– Attracts good luck and fortune
– Improves your career growth phenomenally
– Improves your business and career graph dramatically
– Prevents from any attacks, spells and charms etc. that target your business
– Provides personal and overall shielding against any black magic attack
– Evokes compassion and love for you amongst significant others
– Improves your personal appearance and presence, makes people feel comfortable around you
– Makes your presence authoritative, respected and honorable
– Makes you appear trustworthy to others
– Guides, protects and assists your spiritual and metaphysical development
– Helps open your third eye i.e. brings about advanced stage of spiritual perception
– Realizes all your dreams, wishes and desires
– Many more other virtues subject to your spiritual exploration

This item is very simple to use and require a simple incantation to be recited in order to awaken the true powers contained inside this talisman.


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