Keraton Genie


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Keraton Genie

This khodam / jinn spirit comes with a name. A simple ritual is provided for summoning the presence and power of the khodam / jinn spirit.


With the power of a genie at your disposal, you’ll be able to accomplish many goals with ease and improve many aspects of your life. This magically empowered item will enable you to achieve many things by assisting you in your relations with others. From better relationships with superiors and loved ones, to improving your spirituality, you’ll have all your desires fulfilled.

This empowered item comes in a vessel of a bottle. Inside the bottle lives the genie spirit. The spirit comes from the Keraton area of Cirebon, west Java. It is a powerful genie spirit. It assumes the shape of a man wearing a robe. The spirit is thousands of years old.

The main role of this genie is to assist the user in his daily life. It also possesses special capabilities for assisting the user in creating relations with other people. This genie spirit will induce compassion from other people, ensure that your bosses take botice of you and recognize you for your hard work and effort, enable you to adsvacne in your career or get a new job, create better relations with others, etc. The spirit will also assist you in your spiritual development; you will feel stronger spiritually, and your sixth sense will be sharper.

This item is simple to use as the user only has a few simple mantra’s to recite in order to initiate the powers into his spirit. The vessel itself needn’t be carried around with the user, but it is important that the user keep the vessel inside his house. The user must remember that the genie only provides assistance; the user still has to work hard in order to prosper. The genie will facilitate the user’s efforts, and might also directly manifest itself. It is important for the user to remember that these powers must only be used for good. There will be severe karmic consequences when these powers are used for evil.

The presence of the genie can be felt from time to time. If you are clairvoyant or possess high psychic sensitivity, you may communicate with and see the genie directly. However, one is not required to have such advanced abilities in order to obtain the benefits of this item. The user is simply required to submit prayers to the Divine Source whereby requesting that permission is given and authority is passed to the genie to carry out your commands.


The following virtues of this item are presented below:

– The magical power of the object will help you to improve your relationships with others
– You will be able to advance in your career by having your bosses take notice of you
– Improve your authoritative presence
– Relationships with loved ones or women you desire will improve
– The genie will help to have others treat you with respect and compassion
– You will be able to improve your spirituality
– You will receive assistance in developing your metaphysical realm
– Your sixth sense will grow sharper


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