ZK-046 – Keris Singo Barong – Majapahit—Married


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Keris Singa Barong

(Majapahit Genuine Items!)
It is ultra rare to find one this old in such a well-maintained condition! these are in high demand by collectors.

Many new ones can be found being sold but there are hardly any original ones from the Majapahit Kingdom.

The Magical energies of this Keris are Strong, specifically for those who want a Super Level Charismatic Presence that of a Lion. Considered a true collector piece highly recommended for those who are in high positions in any field of work or society.


Magical Virtues:

Very High Level of Charismatic Presence

Power of Influence over all those you interact with.

Power of Authority Presence.

Attraction Power over The Opposite Sex.



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