Khodam of the Sacred Waterfall


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Khodam of the Sacred Waterfall

This khodamic talisman is what many people from business community rely upon to make their commerce more prosperous and thriving. It is known to be the secret behind many flourishing businesses that have prosperous enough to sustain their many future generations.


From helping you take the best decisions for your business to seeing that each and every stride of yours reaches the door of success. With this item you can attract wealth, prosperity and will be shielded against bad luck or any misfortune.


Within the realms of this talisman lives a khodam spirit of the famous Sedudo waterfall in East Java. The water of this waterfall is believed to be the source of the powers of these extremely potent spiritual entities. And is considered to be the richest natural flow of ancient mystical powers. A legend dating back to the Majapahit era, says that the waters stream directly from the heavens above. With its majestic natural beauty, it also has many miraculous virtues. If in Java, you’ll often witness pilgrims ranging from locals and tourists to popular adepts seeking its blessings.


It’s been hundred years since this spirit served the ancient kings by looking after their princesses and wives as the supreme protector. Once it bonds with you, it is known for its friendly, loyalty and ease with which it realizes all your wishes and desires.


This talisman however has been especially enchanted by our adepts to shower your finances with His blessings and make all your endeavours successful in every aspect.


It also contains the asma surat albakoro enchantment, which employs divine powers to make all your desires and intents true.     


Virtues of this talisman include:
• Provides divine assistance in all your business and professional endeavours
• Advances your business reach with a steady and sometimes exponential growth in profits
• Ensures that all your day to day needs are met accordingly.
• Helps you to pay all your debts
• Attracts wealth and abundance
• Brings prosperity
• Attracts fortunes from the most hidden and unexpected of places
• Advances your career in a positive direction
• Fuels professional success
• Causes all your business decisions to deliver positive results
• Shields against every bad influence and negative or evil energies
• And many more other virtues that depend on your psychic abilities.


This khodamic talisman is very easy to use and all it requires in a simple initiation ceremony to awaken its true powers.

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