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Khodam Spirit of Mangkayat Dagger


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Khodam Spirit of the Mangkayat Dagger


This khodamic spirit is known for effecting its master i.e. you in such a way that you become the focus of all the success, prosperity and abundance that is there in the world. It also shield you against any black magic or evil attacks or criminal acts like robbery, thievery etc. All you need to do for this spirit to respect you and pave your way to success is never give up on hard work; needed on your part. The rest all will be taken care of by this powerful and loyal spirit.

Within the metaphysical realm of this enchanted object is a muslim khodamic spirit. These spirits are known for their potency because of which they were appointed the protectors of the burial grounds of the Auliyas or Spiritual masters of those times. These spirits were once the disciples of these masters and after dying still remain attached to the powerful entity of their masters. Adepts claim that is how they derive their powers directly from the ultimate sources of their master’s spiritual and metaphysical energies.

This spirit is very ancient and dates back to from anywhere from hundreds to thousands of years. They have a physical manifestation of a man wearing a sorban/turban. Whether or not they choose to appear in front of you or the form they choose depends solely on the comfort level they share with you and also how well your psychic sense is developed to perceive such energies in their physical form.

You must have this spirit, for once initiated it will never leave your side your whole life. This spirit brings you no harm at all and is known for its loyalty. This talisman also contains the powers of asma Ya Ghoni known for its attracting power and reputation towards the owner wherever s/he goes. Furthermore, it contains the power of “Sholawat Nariyah” which steers your way away from any criminal act or intention coming your way. These empowerments add phenomenally to the powers of this enchantment that has no negative side effects at all.

The khodam spirits of the Mangkayat Dagger belong to a very high class of the spirit kingdom and that’s why this talisman should not be carried into an unholy or impious places.

Some of the direct virtues of this enchanted object:
– Showers you with blessings from God
– Brings you prosperity and abundance in all aspects of life
– Attracts wealth from all corners of the world, even in the most unexpected of places
– Enables you to fulfill all your needs
– Ensures success in all your endeavors
– Advances your career and business in a positive direction
– Protects you against any evil or black magic attacks
– Also protects your business from any black magic attacks or unexpected or unforeseen crimes etc.
– Assists you in all endeavours
– Increases perseverance and inspires to keep working hard
– Many more other virtues depending on your spiritual exploration

Very simple to use, it only requires a simple procession to be performed in order to awaken the spirit contained in this enchanted object.


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