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Khodamic Attraction Stone


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Khodamic Attraction Stone

Very simple to use item. There is only a very simple and short prayer to recite. The khodamic energy is automatically activated.


This powerful talisman has been charged with high-level magical and metaphysical powers of East Java, and will enable you to enchant and attract onlookers and all those whom you interact with. This stone is ideally suited for public speakers, those in positions of authority, and anyone wishing to improve their confidence and charisma.

Just by possessing this stone your face will radiate powerful light energies that will affect all those you come into contact with, increasing your authoritative presence and instilling feelings of admiration and respect from them.
Those who you come across will find it hard to forget you, and may even be easily swayed by your intentions and desires.

The khodamic attraction stone is in the form of a stone pearl. A Khodamic spirit also inhabits this magical item, which appears as a form of light. The Khodamic spirit comes from Sedudo region in the eastern part of Java Island. The powers of the item also help to provide protection from enemies and those who are jealous of you and would wish harm upon you.

This talisman is simple to use as there are only simple mantras that need to be recited in order to activate its powers.

The following virtues of this item are presented below:

– Magnetic charm
– Enchant onlookers
– Gain respect and influence others
– Attract wealth
– Receive protection from enemies and those wishing to do you harm
– Improve status with friends
– Increase authoritative presence
– Instill fear in enemies

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