Khodamic Protection Handkerchief


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Khodamic Protection Handkerchief

Very simple to use item, just need to keep it with you. Activate the powers using the installation ritual.


This empowered magical handkerchief is inscribed with Arabic mystical scriptures and inhabits a genie spirit from Mount Kelut found in Blitar of East Java. The powerful talisman and the scriptures writ upon it serve to invoke metaphysical powers that will help the user resolve unpleasant or difficult matters quickly.

The talisman is also especially useful in the event of an accident or natural disaster, as its powers will help to keep the user protected. In addition to protecting the user from accidents, the talisman will also assist in business matters, and provide the user with the powers of invulnerability and immunity to black magic attacks and similar offenses.

The name of the genie is not required to use this item; nor is mantra or rituals. The item will work automatically. A suggested short divine name is given to attune one to the powers of the talisman or enable them to command the genie spirit to perform anything specific.


The following virtues of this item are presented below:

– Protection During Traveling.
– Avoid Catastrophy and Natural Disasters
– Improve matters is Business
– Receive Invulnerability
– Receive Immunity to magical attacks and negative energies


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