Kulan-Kulan Khodamic Talismans


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Kulan-Kulan Khodamic Talismans


This item helps to grow the business endeavors that you are undertaking and make it fruitful and profitable. The Power of this talisman will draw wealth and help sort out any difficulties connecting the business.

The essence originates from Mount Merapi volcano, in Central Java. It is a Kebo Putih (white buffalo) khodam spirit. It transmits many advantages, but mainly helpful towards your investments. It reveals in the form of a minyak mambo or keraton melati bufallo. This buffalo is exceptional, and it used to belong to Jaka Tingkir. It is many years old.  The White Buffalo khodam was the mystical animal confidante of Jaka Tingkir, it had followed him wherever he went.

This is a very unusual and influential khodam spirit. For those not familiar to local Javanese past, Jaka Tingkir was also recognized as Sultan Hadiwijaya, the principal and only sultan of the Pajang Kingdom. Pajang Realm, although it has short life, it was one of the significant empires with respect to the ranges of Islam across java. Native Islamic past displays that Jaka Tingkir was a noticeable figure in the spread of Islam. His mystical instructor, Sunan Kalijaga, was one of the 9 Wali Sanga of Islam.

Virtues of this magickal object:

– Assist you in improving your financial situation
– Attract wealth from all corners of the globe
– Advance your business, generate regular income and have regular customers
– Improve your career and your occupation
– Helps to sort out and rid you of any problems and issues concerning your work or your business
– Many more other virtues

This item is very simple to use. It does only require a simple mantra to be completed in order to harness the powers contained in the magickal object.

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