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Kumade Magical Attraction Talisman


You will appear much more attractive and charming with the help of this object. You will produce a more optimistic, compelling appearance which will make individuals contented around you. They will be impressed, empathetic and thoughtful towards you.  Your optimistic company will attract many profits, you will become more popular, appeal more prosperity and profits. You will make many permanent relations with numerous people. The item will bring countless potentials benefits throughout your life.

The powers initiates from nature and divine cosmic energies, Prayers such as Mahabah Surat Yusuf and Magickal powers such as Pelet Asmoro Ati are used to empower this magickal talisman. Both are high level sympathy attraction powers. The Mahabah Surat Yusuf covers powers found straight from divine book Al-Quran. The Pelet Asmoro Ati is devised in the 13th century in the Singosari Kingdom. Together these empowerments are very influential and the arrangement of both Magickal energies brings numerous welfares and merits to the user.

Virtues of this amulet:
– Emit a more positive, friendly, likeable presence
– Appear much more desirable and charming
– Emit a strong positive, magnetic aura; makes people feel comfortable around you.
– Become loved, liked, and cared by many
– Make new lasting relations with strangers
– Become more respected by others, friends and enemies alike
– Attract wealth, find wealth in unexpected sources
– Many more other virtues

This item is very simple to use. It does only require a simple mantra to be completed in order to harness the powers contained in the amulet.

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