Lembu Sekilan Magical Power Stone


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Lembu Sekilan Pearl


Many magical items protect the user not only from psychic attacks, but from physical harm. The Lembu Sekilan Pearl is such a magical stone. The Lembu Sekilan has long been used by martial artists to increase their power and defence when facing an opponent in combat. This Magickal Stone has the ability to deflect any attacks such as punches, kicks or thrusts/stabs with pointed or edged weapons.


The magick stones will also protect the user from surprise attacks, muggings, accidents, and when outnumbered by multiple foes.


Magickal Virtues of Lembu Sekilan Pearl:


  • Deflects attacks from blows or blades
  • Protects from accidents
  • Protection from harm in scuffle, rumble, or mass fights

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