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Light Purification Shower Ritual (Higher Class)



Light Purification Shower Ritual


The Light Purification Shower Ritual is a cleansing ritual to help the user cleanse psychic toxins, bad luck, negative karma from themselves which can otherwise lead to failures in life or business, obstacles in their love life and relationships, disease or illnesses.

The ritual is a self-empowerment which will assist the opening up of new channels of energy and remove any energies which are stagnant and causing ill effects in your life.

The Light Purification Shower Ritual is intended to install a high form of spiritual light energy into your aura. This spiritual light energy will assist you in your spiritual practices, elevating your spiritual frequency. It will also assist you to improve in all aspects of your metaphysical practices. You will find it easier to develop occult powers, acquire high forms of spiritual knowledge from cosmic beings. The Light Purification will assist you to weed out the flaws in your lower personality.

Achieve Positive Outlook with Light Purification Shower Ritual

With God’s Permission you will find every aspect of your life improving and you will perceive your reality in a more positive manner. This simple cleansing ritual only takes 30 minutes of your time. Yet it removes negative toxins and psychic leeches from your auric field. These negative energies can be self-generated through negative thought forms which you may have picked up from Clubs, Bars or other places where there is a high amount of negative thoughts generated. Depending on the nature of thoughts; positive or negative, there will be the relative effect on one’s life.

The Importance of Controlling Your Thoughts

Too much negativity can cause emotional unbalance, anger, resentment and a short-temper. So after the cleansing ritual is complete, it is also important that you practice to control your thought forms better so to bring about the best results for you.

The magical power that the Light Purification Shower Ritual brings embeds itself into your aura and the energies will guide you to the right path. Positive opportunities will present themselves so the user can take advantage of these to bring about success in their lives. This item is very simple to carry out.

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