Madura Protection Khodam


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Madura Protection Khodam

This khodam / jinn spirit does not come with a name. A simple mantra needs to be recited everytime before wearing / installing the item.


With this powerful magical item you will receive great protection and empowerment. The talisman will transfer its magical enchantment to you, enabling you to repel black magic attacks, spells, evil spirits, demons, etc. Additionally, this talisman also aids the user in his daily life and makes it easier to resolve many of the problems that you will face in life.

Another great feature of this magical talisman is that the user will also feel increased respect from those that they interact with.

This empowered item assumes the shape of a miniature Quran, which is inhabited by a spirit that comes from the area of Sampang, Madura. The spirit assumes the shape of an old human holding a broom and is hundreds of years old.

This talisman is very easy and simple to use. After reciting a simple mantra, the user only needs to carry the talisman with him in order to feel the powers of the item.


The following virtues of this item are presented below:

– The magical power of the object will help you to achieve spiritual empowerment
– You will emit positive energy
– The talisman will provide you with magical protection and enable you to ward off evil spirits, demons, and black magic attacks
– You will gain respect from those you interact with
– You will find it easier to resolve problems


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