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Magical 2 Genies Stone (Unggul Ulung Stone–Special Version)


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Magical 2 Genies Stone

(Special Version)

Small Empowered Stone, Please note the adept producer changes the stones from stock to stock we cannot guarantee you the exactly same looking stones as in the pictures!



The Magickal 2 Genies Stone is a very special stone since it is inhabited not by one but TWO Genies (Khodamic Spirits). This version is more powerful than the Kuntung Tulung (AM1005) also sold on our site. It is special since the genies of this stone also protect and guard the user constantly without being commanded. The strength level of the khodams spirits and the power in the stone is far stronger.

It is produced by the same adept, but magically charged through heavy rituals to protect the user from metaphysical forces and attacks at all times.  Together they will assist the user in a number of life situations and problems.

The Genies can be commanded by you through a very simple process.

This item is simple to use, and the item can easily be fitted into a custom made ring or pendant, alternatively you can just carry this in your purse/wallet/pocket.

Magical 2 Genies is a unique and powerful tool that’s believed to have the ability to grant wishes, bring abundance, and enhance spiritual growth. It’s a special item that contains two genie spirits, which are said to have the power to help individuals manifest their desires and connect with their higher selves. In this article, we’ll explore the concept of Magical 2 Genies and its benefits.

Magical 2 Genies are believed to have the power to help individuals manifest their desires and achieve their goals. The two genie spirits within the item are said to work together to grant wishes and bring about positive changes in one’s life.

One of the main benefits of Magical 2 Genies is its ability to enhance spiritual growth. By using the item in meditation and visualization practices, individuals can tap into its powerful energy and connect with the genie spirits to help them achieve a greater sense of spiritual awareness.

In addition to its benefits for manifestation and spiritual growth, Magical 2 Genies is also believed to have protective and healing properties. It’s often used in rituals and ceremonies to protect individuals from negative energies and promote physical and emotional healing.

To use Magical 2 Genies, individuals can carry it with them or place it on an altar during meditation and visualization practices. It’s also often used in rituals and ceremonies to help individuals manifest their desires and connect with the genie spirits.

In conclusion, Magical 2 Genies is a powerful tool that can help individuals manifest their desires, enhance spiritual growth, and promote protection and healing. Its ability to connect individuals with the genie spirits, combined with its spiritual and metaphysical benefits, make it a popular tool among those seeking manifestation and spiritual growth. So, discover the transformative power of Magical 2 Genies today and bring abundance and spiritual growth into your life.

The virtues of this item are presented below:

  • Personal Guardian and Assistance in daily activities
  • Attracts Wealth and Success in money matters
  • Command the genies for business help and success
  • Call back runaways and influence their mind to return home
  • Command the genies to watch over your loved ones
  • Stop your partner from cheating
  • Influence the minds of people easily
  • Attract any specific individual
  • Command the genies for any specific matters you wish for
  • More powerful than the Kuntung Tulung stone (Item AM1005)


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  Items may vary in size, colour and appearance from the image shown; however its purpose will remain the same as that described above.



Pictures are illustrations purpose only, actual media differs from batch to batch

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