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Magical Attraction & Enchantment of Semar Mesem


Magical Attraction & Enchantment of Semar Mesem


Magical Attraction & Enchantment of Semar Mesem


This Magickal Empowerment includes one Genie which can either be anchored to the user’s Auric Field or attached to an item.

Magical Attraction &Amp; Enchantment Of Semar Mesem
Magical Attraction & Enchantment of Semar Mesem

This Magical Attraction & Enchantment of Semar Mesem is specific for those who wish to appear more approachable, desirable, sympathetic and trustworthy. This special magical power has its origins tracing back to the Singosari, alternatively known as Singhasari Kingdom. The source power of this Magical Force enables the keeper to emit great positive energies.

This Magical Attraction will help mask off any natural negative energies that the keeper may unintentionally emit. This negativity can affect the ability to attract the opposite sex or even to interact with people in a positive uplifting manner.

Negative energies are unrelated to negative intentions. The level of positive and negative energies varies between individuals. Some may emit positive magnetic energy without good intention and vice versa. This unconscious energy results in some people being more socially accepted than others irrespective of motivation.

This Magical Attraction realigns the homeostatic balance of magnetic energies providing more enhanced positive energy for the keeper. The benefits from this positive energy will result in the keeper appearing more desirable, becoming more persuasive and trustworthy in all social and familial interactions. It will also indirectly make the keeper feel more positive about financial improvements and be able to manage such transactions more effectively.

This Magical Attraction & Enchantment of Semar Mesem comes with a Genie (Jinn Spirit Entity) This is a positive type that can further assist in directing the power towards those one needs to influence or attract. This being is safe to keep and can either be installed into the user’s aura or into an object.

Magical Attraction & Enchantment of Semar Mesem


  • Increased attraction spell. This is a very potent force and the keeper will be able to entice others with just a smile.
  • Attract the opposite sex easily, those who are single will be able to find their soul mate faster
  • Failing Marriage partners will gain benefits from this Magical power, as it can help save marriages and disputes amongst partners
  • Making the owner more memorable on a psychic level. By enticing your target they will find you unforgettable.
  • Enhances the ability to attract the opposite sex with far more ease and self-confidence
  • Soften stubborn individuals, easily gain their sympathy and affection.
  • Increase Sexual Magnetism, your very presence will charm and allure onlookers.
  • Increases positive interactions with others. Your presence will be more approachable.
  • Broadens the social circle and attracts genuine friends more easily.
  • Has a significant effect on peers and colleagues attracting more positive attention and thus bringing indirect career benefits.
  • Stimulates compassion and love in relatives, friends and colleagues helping to inject harmony into all relationships.

This empowerment is Non-Refundable!!


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