Magical Buluh Perindu 40 Oil (Approx 30ML Bottle)


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Buluh Perindu 40


Very Large 30ML/CC Bottle

Attract and enchant everyone easily with the power of this
magical oil. This is a powerful natural magical oil containing a concentrate of
40 Bulu Perindu grasses! These magical grasses are well known for their magical
virtues and powers of attraction. They have pheromones that attract and enchant
the opposite sex.

“Bulu Perindu” simply means “hair that causes longing.” The oil we have
here is processed and concentrated with 40 Bulu Perindu. The power and strength
of this oil is far greater than the less costly one we offer elsewhere on the

Bulu Perindu grasses have magical virtues of desirability and love if used on a
particular person. Indonesians also employ the grasses for business purposes and
to attract general good luck. By possessing the grasses, people believe they can
improve business, gain respect and have a better social life.

strength of this oil is such that you only need to apply a small amount at a
time. The bottle should last for a long while. But once the oil is finished, you
can either buy more and easily empower it, or simply place the grasses into a
small pouch to wear as an attraction talisman.

item is strictly limited. There is no guarantee that we can acquire more of it.

bottle is roughly 30cc/ml.


  • Easily attract the opposite sex
  • Make someone desire you constantly
  • Give yourself a magnetic aura and increase your
    personal magnetism

  • Increase your animal magnetism
  • Easily socialise with people and make

  • Increase your general good luck and your success in

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