Magical Hadagan Love Oil (5ML – Bottle)


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Magical Hadagan Love

magical love oil comes from the “Hadangan” buffalo. It is rare and very
effective for a range of applications. Among these are attracting a particular
person; increasing personal magnetism; influencing others; improving business;
and socialising.

can further empower the oil or use it in magical rituals for love spells. It
already has strong energies but you can enhance these further and create a very
powerful effect on someone. Use the oil to easily influence people or to make
friends. The power of the oil causes people to yearn for you, no matter how
stubborn or unapproachable they are!

Pasir tribes of Kalimantan supply the oil. It is hard to obtain outside their


  • Attract
    the person you desire

  • Attract
    people in general and make friends

  • Influence
    people around you

  • Increase
    your personal magnetism

  • You
    do not need to chant, but you can use the oil with love spell mantras to
    enhance and direct the power effectively

  • You
    can use the oil as a general means of attraction

  • A
    real collector’s item

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