Magical Khodams of the Great Spiritual Walis & Sufi Masters


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Magical Khodams of the Great Spiritual Walis & Sufi Masters

This khodamic stone is a very powerful enchanted talisman. The supernatural divine energies inside of it will always make sure that each and every endeavour in your life results in success. Its powers are limitless and provide you assistance in every aspect of your life. These are not to be confused with the jinn or genie spirits talismans we sell. Khodams belong to a higher class of spirits that are much more powerful than an average jinn spirit made of fire elements in essence.


Contained inside this talisman is a very high level divine khodam from the burial grounds Spiritual Walis/masters of ancient Java. These spirits are believed to be the sincere and obedient disciples of these masters. Very ancient in their origin these have great powers and manifest themselves in the form of a man wearing a cape or white light. The definite form depends on your psychic and spiritual senses. These spirits are known to be of guardian tendency and act as very able guides for developing your psychic, spiritual and intuitive abilities.


Some of the great virtues of this enchanted talisman are:
• Brings you lots of luck and success in every stride
• Ensures your success in the most crucial of times
• Develops and advances your professional career
• Ensures a steady growth in business
• Helps you find your true love and soul mate
• Harmonizes all existing relationships
• Attracts wealth and prosperity
• Brings you abundance
• Assist greatly in Spiritual & Psychic Development
• Disable the effect and deflects black magic attacks, spells, curses, hexes etc. back to the source.
• Makes your presence formidable to many jinns and spirits.
• Enhances psychic communication with other spiritual forces.
• And many more other virtues that depend on the development of our psychic faculties.


Very simple to use like other items we sell, it only requires a simple recitation to awaken the khodams within. You’ll have to prepare a coconut during the very first initiation process. Once evoked, the khodamic spirit will follow you everywhere and you will feel its presence in some form or the other.



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