Magical Love spell of Jarang Goyang


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Magical Love Spell – Attraction Power of

 Jarang Goyang

Remote/Distance Magickal Empowerment

This package includes a custom-made talisman and empowered oil


The origins of this super powerful magickal enchantment and love spell can be traced back to the mystical Doho Kingdom. This ancient culture used two methods for expansion: either through force and violence or through kindness, charm and enchantment/Love spells. This metaphysical power was developed for the latter.

Over time this metaphysical power has been refined, enhanced and adapted to solve one of the most common problems of modern man – lack of social confidence.
In a world obsessed by celebrity, beauty and fashion, social focus ensures an individual will be judged not by their inner qualities but their external appearance. This Javanese Magickal Power overcomes such shallow perceptions and ensures the keeper will be liked and appreciated. It will help the keeper make friends more easily, allow them to gain trust, loyalty and respect. It will confer charismatic qualities founded in approachability, trustworthiness and a mellow nature. This magickal power works on multiple levels and affects the opposite energy field in a positive manner ensuring all those you interact with are enchanted.

This magickal power is a pure raw form which is undiluted and unadulterated with other magickal energies. It is rarely found and should not be confused with the many fakes and imitations which are available.

The pure potency of this metaphysical power will help the keeper break through social boundaries. The keeper will no longer be held back by social timidity and the fear of being judged personally inadequate.

As the keeper of this magickal power your social life and relations with others will improve. People will perceive you to be extremely charismatic, kind, attractive and approachable. The keeper will be more relaxed in social situations and make friends with both peers and associates more easily. This will assist the keeper not only in climbing the social ladder but also that of their career.

The properties of this magickal power also make it suitable for assisting the keeper to pursue a career in celebrity, politics, business, social event organizing, public speaking, sales or any occupation which requires a confident nature.

Be Warned
– The keeper must also be aware that this magickal power may be used as a Powerful Love Spell. If it is directed upon a single individual and includes the mantra and ritual the person affected by this magickal Love spell will not only become attracted to the keeper but will go crazy for them.

This method of usage is not recommended for those seeking a casual relationship and for the sake of sex only. Using this magickal power solely for the purposes of sexual gratification is considered an abuse. This will result in negative karma for the abuser and punishment in a number of negative forms may follow. We suggest letting the power flow naturally because if it is used in a directed way the keeper will have to either remove the spell or marry the enchanted individual.


Benefits of this Magickal Power

  • Either gender can use this Magickal Attraction Power for all purposes including to enhance their social standing
  • This Magickal Love Power is proficient as a Love Spell but should only be used by letting the power flow naturally
  • The keeper of this Magickal Power will be imbibed with renewed self-confidence
  • This Magickal Power will improve the social status of the keeper on a personal and professional level
  • A keeper of this Magickal Power will increase their influential power over others
  • With this Magickal Power the keeper will become more easily accepted by others and expand his or her social circle


Application / Method of transfer

–       This ilmu will be directly transferred by our adept taking a transfer time of 7 days.
–       On the first day the client shall perform meditation as directed, and shall ingest all 3 capsules provided.
–       Rajah ilmu (special scriptures) shall be immersed into the water used for the cleansing
–       The keeper shall also receive the following provisions as part of the kit:


  • A Mantra to develop the magickal power to higher degree.
  • An exclusive empowered talisman
  • Jarang goyang empowered Love Spell oil for direct application on any specific targets.


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