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Magical Love Spell Power (Aji Pulong)


Magical Love Spell Power


Magical Love Spell Power

This Powerful Magical Love Spell is Known as the Legendary Power of Aji Pulong Gono Pulong Sari


7 Day Remote Transfer to the users aura, this empowerment is exclusive to!

Magical Love Spell Power (Aji Pulong)-1
Magical Love Spell Power (Aji Pulong)-1

Information about the Lineage of this Sacred Magical Love Spell Power:

This magical love spell power is a direct distance energy transfer to the user’s body, it gives one the ability to place a powerful enchantment over the target you wish to influence. Originated in Banyuwangi regency in East Java during the 15th century, this Mystical Power was known to be used throughout the Majapahit Kingdom and the Balinese Kingdom.

This Magical Love Spell Power (Aji Pulong Gono Pulong Sari) was developed by the ancient Gandrung dancers of the region. The Gandrung dance over the years has become a method to express gratitude to Demi Gods overshadowing those regions. The Magical Love spell power was used by the dancers to cast powerful Attraction & Enchantment love spells on the rulers and rich traders who often visited the regional areas.

As the dancers also travelled between Java and Bali, the traditional dance and the powerful Love Spell Power went along with them. They could influence and enchant any of these businessmen/Traders and Kinds or Rulers, locking them under a hypnotic enchantment spell, the traders would fall in love with the dancers giving anything the Gandrung dancers requested!

Once the Target was under this Magical love spell, they would think of no person and would never be able to love anyone else except the person who placed the Magical love spell over them, even if the traders were married or in a relationship prior to this enchantment nothing would shift their attention and focus. It is known to be one of the hardest magical spells to ever neutralise even till now in Indonesia not many shamans have the necessary knowledge and skill level to neutralise this magical love spell once its placed on the target, therefore we warn the user not to abuse this power.

This Magical love spell power also known as The Aji pulong Gono Pulong Sari Love Spell was considered one of the most powerful methods to influence the opposite sex and it still is

This Magical Love Spell Power is limitless and cannot be held back or easily broken by any shamanic healer. Even spiritually developed individuals and highly developed Occult practitioners can also still be affected by the love spell regardless of their defensive levels!

Key Points of this Powerful Magical Love Spell:


  • Originated in Banyuwangi regency, in East Java during the 15th century, the same era as of the Majapahit kingdom.
  • Known to be one of the most powerful Magical love spell of Indonesian occult arts. It is said to have stronger effects compared to ajianJaran Goyang spells, and other less popular love spell ilmu is used often by locals.
  • Originally it was owned by Gandrung dancers. They used this Love magical power to cast spells on the rulers and the rich traders.  Gandrung dance was popular in both Java and Bali.
  • This love spell cannot be easily broken by Shamans, Magicians and Spiritual Healers. The love spell locks the target into a deep enchantment that’s requires weeks of healing in order to be removed. The power is stated to last longer than any love spell available.

Virtues of This Magical Love Spell Power:

  • The powerful attractor of compassion from others
  • Attract the opposite sex easily, the targets fall under your hypnotic words.
  • Increase your social circle
  • Possess a Powerful Magnetic presence, those who interact with you will always keep thinking of you in a positive manner.
  • Easily influence others to do as you wish, follow your orders, please you etc.
  • People attractor; helps you find your soul-mate, attract customers, improves Sales and Business with anyone you contact.
  • Attract wealth from all corners of the world
  • Assist you in your business endeavours
  • Influence others to like you, love you and care for you
  • Possess a charming, magnetic personality
  • People will easily trust you, feel safe around your presence.
  • Lock any particular target to fall under your spell which cannot be broken by anyone except yourself. This particular use can bring negative karmic consequences if these powers are abused for one night stands or for the sake of having a sexual partner to use. This Magical Love Spell if directed to the opposite sex cannot be easily removed even by other shamans & Mystical practitioners. The power is so strong that it can even affect occultists of a higher level.

If you cast this Magical Love spell on a target but decide to cancel it out over time you must contact us to have it removed if you are unable to remove this yourself. Failure to removing this powerful love spell whilst playing with another target will incur in server karmic consequences. The user must return to us so we may remove the effects of the magical love spell. otherwise, the person you have affected will never be able to move on to find their own happiness and peace! this is important notice and a warning!

Magical Love Spell Package Contents:

1. Remote Magical Transfer (Day and time scheduled 10 days after payment confirmation). This is a 7-day Empowerment process.
2. Empowered Salt (For Showering)
3. Empowered Sugar (For Consumption)
4. Customised Empowered Talisman.

The Customised Talisman is made only for the user. It cannot be passed on to anyone else. The item can be given down to kids but cannot be passed on to any other family member or friends. This talisman will increase the magical force of our transfers. You may meditate or carry this on you whenever possible.

What we require:

• A picture of your full face in High Resolution (Recent Pictures are preferable)
• Full Birth Name
• Date of Birth

This empowerment is Non-Refundable!!

Payment Via Bank Wire : We do not accept Credit Cards, Paypal, Money Gram or Western Union for Custom Remote Transfers.


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